Grayton Beach Homes & Community Guide

As you enter Grayton you are welcomed by a sign that reads; “Nice Dogs Strange People.” Locals say that Grayton is less of a place and more of a state of mind, and they are right. Grayton may be the place with the most personality along 30A and that personality is funky and eclectic while also being friendly and relaxed. You can get your fill of the beach and outdoors in Grayton with the only vehicle beach access on 30A. It was named the most beautiful beach in America by Dr. Beach. While you are waiting for a table at Red Bar, consider visiting the Zoo Gallery or grab a drink at Chirango, I love the “Billy Ocean”. Grayton is also home to the area’s oldest home, Captain Charles Gray built “Wash-a-Way” back in the 1890’s. It has a slightly different look today as it has been raised up on stilts after surviving 3 separate hurricanes. Grayton adds a little spice to its relaxation and like an umbrella in a cocktail makes things just a little more interesting.

Things to do in Grayton Beach

Grayton Beach has a ton of beachfront that makes it a wonderful destination for some sun and sand. One of the more desirable traits of this beach is it is one of the rare beaches with vehicle access. This means you can actually drive your truck onto the beach, people even launch boats from the sand. Parking on the beach means you can bring all the grills, coolers, chairs and toys you can stuff alongside the actual humans in your vehicle. This makes for a fun beach experience as you really can stay the whole day and not need to venture off which makes it a favorite spot for locals. As you can imagine this is a huge draw and they have implemented a yearly lottery for permits as only 200 vehicles a year are allowed this opportunity. Beyond the public access areas of the beach is Grayton State park with over 2000 acres of beautiful nature to explore while hiking its 4 miles of trails. If you love nature (but only sort of) there are also well-outfitted cabins at Grayton’s cozy campgrounds or try out some “glamping” with 30A’s own Fancy Camps

Grayton Restaurants and Shopping

The Red Bar is a Grayton Beach institution and has become synonymous with Grayton’s funky feel. Unfortunately, there was a tragic fire in 2019 that burned the original building with all its character and charm to the ground. Red bar was not just a building though and is so intertwined into the community that before the embers cooled the permit was approved so that Red Bar could begin rebuilding as soon as possible. No Re-Opened, the Red Bar is new and improved, but as funky and fun as ever. Guests love the jazz that plays during dinner and the great selection of seafood and cocktails. Just across the street is the Zoo Gallery, a shop/art gallery that focuses on showcasing the most unique finds in the area. Heavily featuring local artists and designers you can find beach supplies, pottery, paintings, and some downright weird stuff, but what else would you expect from Grayton.

Homes For Sale in Grayton Beach

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